Cast & Crew’s launch of our Open Health ACA-compliant insurance offering has been warmly received by the entertainment industry.

Recently, we shared some of that welcome with you.
On Tuesday, December 16, we ran a full-page ad in Variety informing the entertainment industry about the reception Open Health has received. The reactions we got from clients and non-clients were gratifying.
Given how positive they are, we’ll share some of them as well in this posting:

  • “This is a genius idea.”
  • “Brilliant. Well done!”
  • “Where do I sign?”
  • “Sold. Now I can get back to doing my job.”
  • “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”
  • “This is a no brainer.”
  • “I want to get started right away!”

The ad also notes, importantly, the following:

Starting January 1, thousands of non-union entertainment employees will become eligible for health care coverage because their employers are Open Health members.

Open Health also issued its regular newsletter and, in it, included a brief Q&A with Shardell Cavaliere, Senior Vice President, Client Services, of Cast & Crew and a member of the board of trustees of the Plan.

She made several key points about the launch, including these:

  • The plan has been introduced to hundreds of companies
  • The industry has responded enthusiastically, as evidenced by the number of companies that already have signed up
  • Large and small companies alike, and representing all sectors of the industry, believe the Plan is well priced, maintenance- free, solves an immediate problem and is a simple solution to the ACA challenge

Our newsletter also noted that The Jacobson Group, which has been providing the industry with payroll and production accounting services since 1990, has agreed to endorse Open Health to its clients.

“After much searching for a viable ACA solution for our clients, we’re happy to endorse Open Health,” said Marcia Jacobson, owner, The Jacobson Group.

In a news release, Eric Belcher, President and Chief Executive Officer, noted that Open Health’s warm reception augurs well for the company’s Cast & Crew Complete benefits-management suite.

Open Health and Cast & Crew ACA SureTrack, a comprehensive online ACA management system, are just the first two of what we hope will be a robust Cast & Crew Complete suite of benefits-management services in the future,” Belcher said. “We look forward to introducing additional Complete offerings in the months ahead and to continuing to meet the industry’s very unique needs.”