Here are nine reasons why Open Health is unlike any other offering currently available.

  1. IT’S SIMPLE.  Employers told us they want a solution that takes care of everything for them. Cast & Crew Open Health does just that. Sign up and you’re covered.
  1. IT’S A TOTAL INDUSTRY SOLUTION.  Our Plan provides a solution that addresses the industry’s very specific challenges regarding covering all non-union employees.
  1. EMPLOYERS CAN BUDGET FOR CAST & CREW OPEN HEALTH.  We have a fee structure that simplifies budgeting. Employers pay as fringe on their invoice.
  1. OUR FEE STRUCTURE IS FAMILIAR.  Studios and production companies have seen it before. It’s based on percentage of gross wages.
  1. CAST & CREW OPEN HEALTH ELIMINATES EMPLOYERS’ ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN.  Our Plan automates NOE and COBRA. Allocating costs across productions no longer is a headache. There’s no need to track terminations. Year-end reporting is simplified.
  1. OUR PLAN REALLY IS PORTABLE.  It’s portable for the employer irrespective of which payroll provider it is using. And it’s portable for the employee who becomes covered under the Plan.
  1. WE DIDN’T GO FOR A QUICK FIX.  We talked to the industry first so we could clearly understand the concerns and objectives. We wanted to make sure our offering would really address the challenges.
  1. WE OFFER SUPERIOR PRICING AND BENEFITS.  Cast & Crew Open Health provides employers with large-group pricing and benefits that can’t be matched by market-based coverage that can be obtained elsewhere.