• The only entertainment industry-wide, multiple-employer
  • healthcare coverage designed for non-union employees.

An industry solution.

A simplified process.

The only insurance you can budget for.

  • Affordable Care Act-compliant
  • Eliminates cost-allocation burden
  • No termination or rehire tracking by employer
  • Automates NOE and COBRA
  • Use any payroll service provider

We manage ACA.

You manage production.

Welcome To Open Health

ck.cmall-3Developed in conjunction with leading insurance brokers, attorneys and other insurance and human resources experts, Cast & Crew Open Health is the first – and only – entertainment industry-wide, multiple-employer healthcare coverage designed for all non-union employees.

The plan, which is eligible for most state tax-incentive programs, also is portable. It is portable for the employer irrespective of payroll services provider. It is also portable for employees who become covered under the Plan.

Our goal is to make insured medical coverage trouble-free and available to all non-union employees working in the entertainment industry so their employers can satisfy the employer shared responsibility requirements of the Affordable Care Act and avoid shared-responsibility penalties.

For more information, please contact: Shardell Cavaliere, Sr. Vice President, Client Services | | | (866) 491-4001.

ck.cmall-3The Affordable Care Act presents multiple challenges for all businesses. It presents some unique ones for the entertainment industry.

Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, the premier provider of financial and production accounting services to the industry, understands the challenges you face. And to help you navigate these issues, we offer the industry’s only comprehensive ACA solution: Cast & Crew Complete, which gives employers freedom to choose their level of ACA involvement.

Cast & Crew Complete has two important components: Cast & Crew Open Health, a fully insured and industry-specific insurance program, and Cast & Crew ACA SureTrack, a comprehensive online ACA management system. Both are designed to solve your ACA challenges and to leave you free to focus on what matters—your production.

If you do not want to have to deal with the complexities of the ACA, Cast & Crew Open Health is for you. If you do plan to oversee your own ACA program, our Cast & Crew ACA SureTrack online management system is the solution you need.

For more information, please contact: Shardell Cavaliere, Sr. Vice President, Client Services | | | (866) 491-4001.

ck.cmall-3To bring this type of insurance coverage to the industry, Cast & Crew Entertainment Services established a multiple-employer health plan. Companies that choose to participate in the plan can ensure they are ACA compliant by providing medical coverage to all non-union employees.

This structure enables Cast & Crew Open Health to provide employers with large-group pricing and benefits that are superior to market-based coverage that can be obtained elsewhere.

The plan complies with ERISA, the ACA and other applicable law, and is funded through a trust that has been established for the exclusive benefit of the participants. The trust will hold all the insurance contracts and be a conduit for payment of premiums.

Cast & Crew Open Health coverage is through Anthem Blue Cross, and enrolled individuals have access to the largest national network in the country, with more than 900,000 providers. Anthem members, moreover, have access to more than 90% of hospitals and 90% of physicians nationwide—more than any other insurer. Cast & Crew Open Health and Anthem Blue Cross provide employer and employee support through various communication methods, including email, a 24/7 phone center and online assistance.

The plan provides employees with HMO/PPO options, as well as the opportunity to purchase optional dental, vision and life coverage.

Enrollment is quick and easy.

For more information, please contact: Shardell Cavaliere, Sr. Vice President, Client Services | | | (866) 491-4001.

 ck.cmall-3U.S. Healthcare Incentives

Cast & Crew Open Health qualifies for many incentive programs, reducing your ACA health costs even more.

The following map and table provide additional information state-by-state.

ck.cmall-3Managing the ACA on your own? Cast & Crew ACA SureTrack, our comprehensive ACA management system designed specifically for the entertainment industry, will simplify the process.

ACA SureTrack, the industry’s first complete tracking tool, will track your data from the common law employer level all the way down to the production, making your cost allocations a breeze.

  • Web-based ACA-compliant system
  • Comprehensive end-to-end solution that addresses all ACA requirements
  • Choose to utilize entire solution or tailor the level of support needed based on your specific needs

Data Capture & Deductions

  • Provide detailed data reporting
  • Process payroll deductions

Data Aggregation

  • Aggregate data from multiple payroll sources
  • Manage data online

Eligibility Assessment

  • Manage measurement, administrative, and stability periods
  • Track variable hour employees
  • Manage eligibility communication

Benefits Administration

  • Provide online benefit enrollment
  • Offer benefit plans
  • Link to insurance carrier’s websites

Reporting & System Administration

  • Provide legal reporting
  • Update employee records

For more information, please contact: Shardell Cavaliere, Sr. Vice President, Client Services, | | (866) 491-4001.