• The only entertainment industry-wide, multiple-employer
  • healthcare coverage designed for all of your non-union employees.

An industry solution.

A simplified process.

The only insurance you can budget accurately.

  • Affordable Care Act-compliant
  • Eliminates cost-allocation burden
  • No termination or rehire tracking by employer
  • Automates NOE and COBRA
  • Use any payroll service provider

We manage ACA.

You manage production.

Introduced in late 2014, Cast & Crew Life ServicesSM is a suite of products designed to address the benefit needs of entertainment industry production workers.

Cast & Crew Life ServicesSM currently has two important components: Cast & Crew Open HealthSM, a fully insured and industry-specific insurance program, and Cast & Crew SureTrackSM, a comprehensive online ACA management system. Both are designed to solve your ACA challenges and to leave you free to focus on what matters—your production.

If you do not want to have to deal with the complexities of the ACA, Cast & Crew Open HealthSM is for you. If you do plan to oversee your own ACA program, our Cast & Crew SureTrackSM online management system is the solution you need.

The market addressed by Life Services closes an offering gap for workers seeking a range of important benefits services. Open Health and SureTrack are just the first two of what Cast & Crew hopes will be a robust Cast & Crew Life ServicesSM suite of benefits-management services in the future. We look forward to introducing additional Life Services offerings in the months ahead and to continuing to meet the industry’s very unique needs.

For more information, please contact: Shardell Cavaliere, President, Cast & Crew Life Services | shardell.cavaliere@castandcrew.com | questions@cc-openhealth.com | (866) 491-4001.